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How to delete WhatsApp messages on a smartphone

‍ Hello! Now I'd like to check in with you on some valuable indicators that work with deleted messages on your smartphone. Did it happen to you that you have messed up deleting a complaint on WhatsApp? If so, you know how frustrating‍ it can be. But don't worry! Just a few simple ways to help you find those lost messages. This article discusses these methods so that you can delete data quickly and easily. It was discovered that there were definitely traces found to help you recover lost messages on WhatsApp!

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Table of contents

1 Restoring deleted WhatsApp messages on a smartphone: Simple steps to recognize

Have you ever sent a message on WhatsApp and regretted it later? Don't worry, there is a way to delete messages on your smartphone. In this article, we outline the simple steps you should know in order to get that valuable content.

The first thing to have is to make sure you have the WhatsApp‍ version installed on your smartphone. Versions have message restoration features that help make the process easier. Once the app is installed, you can move on to the next step.

Then open WhatsApp on your smartphone and go to adjustments. In the menu, find the "Chat Settings" option and select it. In this section, the "Chat backup" option is available. Click on it and see the last backup. If you have a backup of message deletion, you can enable it by using the "Restore" function.

2. how to search for received WhatsApp messages on your smartphone

If you've accidentally posted important messages on WhatsApp, don't worry - there are several ways you can enable them on your smartphone. ‍ Here are some simple steps to help you through the process.

1. check the garbage can

to the destination to look for deleted messages is the recycle garbage can in WhatsApp. Most users are not‍ aware that deleted messages can go to the trash, where they are available for 30 days. To‍ see if your messages are in the trash, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • Click on "Settings" in the effective corner of the screen.
  • Select the "Chat Settings" option.
  • Go to the "Trash" section.
  • Check if your deleted messages are there straight.

2. use from backup

If you failed to get your messages from the trash, the way to restore them is to use a backup. WhatsApp backs up your messages and you use them on your smartphone or service. To extract messages from the backup, follow the instructions:

  • Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • Say hello with a welcoming and compliant installation startup.
  • During WhatsApp setup, you will be asked if you want to receive messages from the backup. Select this option.
  • Follow ‍with the launch on the device to delete messages.

3. use the software to view the data

If any of the methods from the messages did not work, there is another solution - data review software. There are many tools available online, that can help You in recovering deleted messages on WhatsApp. The supporting software on your smartphone works as instructed to turn on lost data.

3 Check out how to easily recover lost messages on WhatsApp

1. use the backup feature in WhatsApp

If you don't want to receive important messages on WhatsApp, there's no reason to panic. WhatsApp offers a backup that can help you recover lost data. To enable the function from this feature, you must have automatic backup or manual support for backing up your messages.

To automatically create backups, go to WhatsApp settings, then select "Chat Settings." Then select "Chat backups" and choose how you want the backups to be created, such as daily, weekly or monthly. Note that the backups are attached to your phone's memory or SD add-on, if you have one.

If you don't have an automatic backup set up, you can also use manual backup sharing of your messages. To do this, go to the WhatsApp mechanism, select "Chat Settings," then "Chat Backups" and then "Create Backup Sharing." Wait for the process to appear, and then you will have the option to restore lost ‍ messages from the backup, if applicable.

2. use from the application to view the data

If you don't have a backup set up or don't have access to your phone, browse through data apps,‍ which can help you recover lost messages on WhatsApp. These apps can search your phone's memory and retrieve data, including messages.

Search the Google Play or App Store for data retrieval apps on your phone. Keep in mind that not all apps are equally effective, so watch reviews and other user ratings before downloading and installing an app. Please also that you choose which one is compatible with your operating system.

3. get in touch with the help of WhatsApp

If the highest methods did not work, contact WhatsApp support. You can direct a question to them about restoring lost messages. WhatsApp may have tools or solutions that can help you recover data.

To engage with WhatsApp support, open WhatsApp and go to support. Then patron "Help" or "Technical support." There you will find contact information, such as‍ email address or phone number, which may be the source of answers to your question about recovering lost messages.

4. ‍Practical tips for restoring deleted messages on WhatsApp on a smartphone

If you notice that you have deleted a message on WhatsApp and help its effectiveness, then some similar ones that can help you. Here are some ways to delete messages on your smartphone:

  1. Check the "Trash" folder: WhatsApp stores deleted messages in the "Trash" folder for a certain period of time before their permanent effect. Check the ten folders to see if your messages are advanced there. Go to WhatsApp settings, select "Chat settings" and then "Trash." If your messages are there, you can share them.
  2. Restore from backup: WhatsApp automatically backs up your messages, which can be used to restore deleted connections. Make sure you have your backup device enabled, browse to WhatsApp settings, operate "Chat Settings" and then "Chat Backups." You can view your messages from the backup in use.
  3. Use from the application to user data: If the strange way of doing things doesn't work, special data browsing apps that can help you delete messages on your smartphone. These apps search the device's memory for deleted data, including WhatsApp messages. However, keep in mind that not all apps of this kind are specified, so always check reviews and feedback from other users before downloading.

Remember that there is no guarantee that in the state of preservation of all deleted messages. It is important to enable as soon as possible after creating messages and add additional behind adding data on the subject, which will add to overwrite the deleted messages. Always remember to regular backups, so as not to ‍ track the information.

Questions and answers

Question 1: How can I keep WhatsApp messages on my smartphone?

Answer: In order to preserve WhatsApp messages on your smartphone, it is recommended that you create regular backups. If you already have a backup, you can easily restore it by reinstalling WhatsApp and following the instructions during the setup process to use the backup.

Question 2: Is there another way to restore deleted WhatsApp messages?

Answer: Yes, if you don't have a backup, you can use a special tool to recover data from WhatsApp. There are many tools that you can install on your device. Choose the right tool and use it to scan your smartphone for deleted messages.

Question 3: Do I need access to a computer to restore deleted WhatsApp messages?

Answer: No, you can use the tools available on your smartphone to restore deleted WhatsApp messages. Install the appropriate app on your smartphone and follow the instructions to recover messages.

Question 4: Can I recover WhatsApp messages if I don't have a backup or recovery tools?

Answer: Unfortunately, if you don't have a backup or data recovery tools, the probability of recovering deleted WhatsApp messages is low. Therefore, it is always recommended to back up your data and install appropriate tools in case of data loss.

Question 5: Can I restore only selected messages and not the entire backup?

Answer: Yes, there are tools that allow you to restore only selected messages from WhatsApp backup. You can select only the messages that are important to you and restore them.


Recovering deleted WhatsApp messages on a smartphone may be easier than it seems. Regular backups and the use of data recovery tools can save important messages in the event of a crash, device theft or accidental deletion. Also remember to protect your data and be cautious about security. Thank you for reading this article and good luck with recovering your lost messages!

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