How to enable or disable two-factor authentication on Facebook

How to enable (or disable) two-factor authentication on Facebook

In the digital age, nothing is more important than online security, from maintaining privacy to protecting accounts and passwords. There will always be someone willing to take advantage of an improperly secured Facebook account, and it shouldn't be yours!

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How to enable (or disable) two-factor authentication on Facebook

In addition to standard security protocols (ideal password), two-factor authentication (2FA) provides a code for an additional account or phone number before you can gain access. Once 2FA is properly set up on Facebook, you will receive an SMS or email message with a one-time access code. This code, usually numeric, expires after a few minutes and is not linked to your personal information in any way (not your birthday or last 4 SSN numbers).

2FA, like other forms of security, is not without its drawbacks, of course, That's why PayPal is pushing it more and more. There may come a time when it's safer to abandon authentication rather than maintain it. If someone has your phone, they can easily log into your Facebook account using the 2FA feature. Many times all you have to do is click That was me to bypass the unique and secure password you set.

This article discusses setting up 2FA on your Facebook account, and will teach you how to remove it. It mentions several other security features offered by the social media giant.

There are several ways to enable 2FA on Facebook. The following sections show how to enable two-factor authentication on different platforms.

How to enable Facebook 2FA using a web browser

If you do not already have two-factor authentication enabled, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Facebook and select down arrow icon in the upper right corner, and then Select Settings and privacy.
    How to Enable Facebook 2FA using a Web Browser 001
  2. Click Settings.
    Screen Shot 2021 11 06 at 10:21.17 PM
  3. Choose Security and logging In the menu on the left.
    Screen Shot 2021 11 06 at 10:21.34 PM
  4. Scroll down and click Use two-factor authentication.
    How to Enable Facebook 2FA using a Web Browser 004
  5. Click Use a text message (SMS)and then follow the instructions and assign a contact to receive 2FA codes.
    How to Enable Facebook 2FA using a Web Browser 005

Now every time you log in to Facebook, you must verify the random code sent to this security method. But beware; if you don't have access to this method, you may not be able to log into your Facebook account in the future.

How to enable 2FA in an Android mobile app

If you are an Android user and want to enable Facebook 2FA on the go, follow these steps:

  1. Open Facebook application and tap on three horizontal lines In the upper right corner. Then tap Settings and privacy, and then select Settings.
    Screenshot 2
  2. Choose Security and logging.
    Screenshot 1 4
  3. Tap on Use two-factor authentication.
    Screenshot 2 1
  4. Select the option to enable 2FA. Then check to see if it is enabled (gives you the option to turn it off).
    Screenshot 3 2

How to enable 2FA in the Facebook app on iOS

iPhone users can follow these steps:

  1. Open Facebook iPhone app and tap on the three horizontal lines In the lower right corner.
  2. Choose Settings and privacy traced by Settings.
    Screenshot 4 2
  3. Choose Security and logging.
    Screenshot 5
  4. Tap on Use two-factor authentication.
    Screenshot 6
  5. Get Turn something on Or Turn something off To enable or disable 2FA.
    Screenshot 7

When you turn on 2FA, make sure your phone number is the number to which you can receive text messages and alerts.

How to disable 2FA

If 2FA is no longer working or you need to disable it for some reason, you can do so by following the steps below.

  1. Log in to Facebook, then select Settings tab, and then Security and logging page under Settings patch.
    Screen Shot 2021 11 06 at 10:29.21 PM
  2. Click Edit Next to the 2FA option. Then you need to enter your current Facebook password.
    Screen Shot 2021 11 06 at 10:29.35 PM
  3. Now you can click Turn something off to disable two-factor authentication.
    Screen Shot 2021 11 06 at 10:29.55 PM

Now follow the instructions to remove 2FA. Once done, you can log in to Facebook without the verification code.

Things to do before activating 2FA

As mentioned above, 2FA is an excellent security feature, but there are a few things you need to do first to make sure you won't have login problems later.

2FA is so secure that even you (the account owner) may have difficulty logging in if you don't configure it correctly. The first thing you need to do is verify that all your Facebook contact information is up to date.

Make sure your Facebook contact information is correct

  1. Access Facebook 2FA settings using one of your device methods (browser, Android, iOS) until you get to and select Use two-factor authentication.
  2. Choose Manage next to your cell phone number or select Use a text message (SMS) If it is not already configured. Check carefully and update your phone number if necessary.
  3. If you are using the built-in 2FA option, nothing more is required. If you are using a third-party 2FA option, select Select Turn something off.
    Screenshot 9 1

A note: Facebook's built-in 2FA option prevents the same phone number from changing passwords, so Facebook recommends using a third-party 2FA application.

Keeping your phone number up to date is critical to your security and ability to access Facebook on a new account. If this number is out of date, you will not receive a security code, effectively blocking access to your account. You should also update your contact information every time you change your phone number.

Facebook Embedded 2FA Alternatives

If you don't have a phone number or already want to use the built-in 2FA feature, you're out of luck. Facebook offers an alternative way to protect your account.

How to use Facebook's third-party 2FA verification application

A quick and easy alternative to the Facebook 2FA option is a third-party authentication application. Google Authenticator is a widely distributed and trusted app available for iOS and Android users, but you can choose any 2FA app, such as Auty on Facebook.

  1. Access Facebook 2FA settings using one of your device methods (browser, Android, iOS) until you get to and select Use two-factor authentication.
  2. Choose Use an authentication application instead of Text Message (SMS).
  3. Facebook will give you scannable QR code ian alphanumeric code to set up a third-party application. Follow the instructions and click Follow up.
Screenshot 10 2

Now you can log in to Facebook with 2FA using a third-party app without needing a phone number.

How to use Facebook friends to unlock your account

Another Facebook 2FA alternative is the use of friends. Although this method is mainly used when Facebook access is blocked, it still serves as a 2FA method because it uses keys. Your trusted friend sends a code and URL from Facebook to help you log in.

  1. Access Facebook 2FA settings using one of the above device methods (browser, Android, iOS) until you get to Security and logging Menu.
  2. w Configuring additional security features section, select Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you are blocked.
  3. If you have not added any friends before, select Choose your friends.
  4. In the pop-up window, click Select Trusted Contacts.
  5. In the next pop-up window, type each friend's name and select it from the search list. After selecting the first one, enter the next one to repeat the process.
  6. After selecting three to five friends, click the button Confirm.

Obsolete/removed 2FA options

In the past, Facebook included an "Add a backup method" section under Security and Login, which provided universal two-factor authentication (U2F) via the browser or USB devices that support 2FA, as well as near-field communication (NFC). ), but no longer includes them as an option. The Add a backup section has been replaced Configuring additional security features.

First, Chrome withdrew the U2F security protocol supporting FIDO2/WebAuth security keys. Other browsers have followed suit. Second, Facebook has decided that you can use three to five "trusted" friends to unlock your account, which you can find under the Configuring additional security features Section.
Facebook Extra Security Options 001

Therefore, you have only two options for logging into Facebook: 2FA (via SMS or authentication app) and friends.

How to update your phone number

2FA relies mainly on your phone number, unless you use an authentication app. But what do you do if your phone number is incorrect or outdated? Well, you can update it, of course!

  1. Follow the same instructions as above to access Facebook's security settings and tap Edit Next to 2FA. Next to Your method of securingget Manage.
    Screen Shot 2021 11 06 at 10:52.28 PM
  2. Then click Use a different number From the drop-down menu.
    Screen Shot 2021 11 06 at 10:52.37 PM
  3. Click Add phone number Next, Continue.
    Screen Shot 2021 11 06 at 10:52.51 PM
  4. Enter your new phone number and tap Continue.
    Screen Shot 2021 11 06 at 10:53.07 PM

The new phone number should appear, but if it doesn't or an error code appears, you can disable two-step authentication and then enable it again. This will cause you to enter a completely new phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Securing your Facebook account is too important these days. We have added this section to answer more questions.

Do I need 2FA?

2FA or a similar alternative is highly recommended, especially for Facebook. The social networking site has access to a lot of your personal information that you probably haven't thought about. You don't want a hacker to have this information. Information such as location, identity and even payment information is stored on Facebook.

If your account is hacked, Facebook may take it upon itself to completely deactivate your account. This type of action means you won't get your account back and will lose all your photos, friends and important memories.

What can I do if I can't get a 2FA code?

Assuming you don't have the backup option set up and no longer have access to your registered phone number, you will have to use an alternative login method. The best solution would be to use a recognized device to obtain security codes in Settings.

If you do not have a recognized device with you, do not have security codes and do not have access to one of the forms of contact listed on your account, use the "Login Problems" option on the login page .

I can't turn off 2FA on Facebook. What's going on?

There are several possible reasons why Facebook does not allow you to disable 2FA. If you have certain apps connected to Facebook, one of them may prevent you from disabling this feature because it is required for security reasons. Try deleting all connected business or school apps, then follow the instructions again.

If you get an error, try a different web browser to disable the security feature, as it may be a problem with the browser itself.

Assuming you are using the correct password when logging in, you may need to contact Facebook support for additional assistance. Generally, Facebook doesn't give you any trouble disabling this feature, so if you encounter a problem, it's probably account-specific, so you'll need help from the support team.

What should I do if someone else has logged in and enabled 2FA on my account?

If you've already experienced an attack and the hacker has enabled 2FA, you can't log in until the issue is resolved. Fortunately, Facebook is ready to help.

Visit this website to recover and regain access to your account so you can disable or manage 2FA.

Do I need a verification code to disable 2FA?

No, but you will need one to turn it back on. You will need a password to access the security settings, but you won't need a text message verification code to turn it off.

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