Why my iMessage doesn't work for one person

Why doesn't my iMessage work for one person?

Why my message doesn't work for one person

If you have an iPhone and still don't use the iMessage feature to send messages to other people using your iPhone, why do you even own one? You are missing out.

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When you use iMessage in the iPhone messaging app, you are essentially using the Internet to send messages, not the cellular service.

You can send text messages, media files, GIF files, give your location and even play games in iMessage. The best part is that iMessage also shows you the delivery status of your messages.

That's why it's natural to feel frustrated when iMessage service doesn't work for one recipient or even more. But why doesn't your iMessage work for one contact?

Here are possible explanations for why iMessage doesn't work for just one person.

Quick answer

Here are possible explanations for why iMessage doesn't work for just one person. That person doesn't have an Apple device, may have turned off iMessage, or may have locked you out of their phone. There could also be a connection problem: the internet on the contact's phone is turned off or airplane mode is enabled on the contact's phone.

Let's elaborate on all of the above points to finally understand what went wrong that prevents iMessage from being sent to a single person on this planet.

Reasons why iMessage doesn't work for one person

By now you must know the difference between iMessage and regular SMS. An iMessage goes to blue bubble With confirmation of delivery and reading. However, the SMS goes in green bubble.

If you encounter a problem with iMessage, check whether the problem occurs with everyone or only with a specific person.

You can start by sending an iMessage to two random people. If it works, it means there is no problem on your side.

If you have determined that the problem does not affect everyone and only one person, let's now try to understand its causes.


You can't send iMessages without a stable Internet connection.

Reason #1: The contact person does not own an Apple device

It goes without saying. If you want to send someone iMessage, you both have to have an Apple device.

The recipient must have Apple device: iPhone, iPad, iPod touchOr Powderpuff to receive an iMessage. You can't send them an iMessage if they don't have one.

Reason #2: Contact has iMessage disabled

If you know that a person is in Apple ecosystem, and still you can't send them an iMessage, ask them to go to your device settings to see if they have enabled iMessage.

By the way, also check your device's settings and enable iMessage if it is disabled that way:

  1. Open the device Settings.Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Choose "News."Select&Nbsp;News.
  3. Turn on the switch for "iMessage."Turn on the switch for news.

Reason #3: Internet on the recipient's phone is turned off

iMessage works with the Internet. If the recipient's Internet is turned off, you can't send them iMessages.

Similarly, you cannot send an iMessage to a person with "Airplane mode" enabled on their device.


The iMessage cannot be sent if the sender's Internet is turned off. An "exclamation mark" icon will be displayed next to the message.

Reason #4: Contact has blocked you

If the contact has I blocked your number on their device, you cannot send them iMessages. You can ask them to check if they have blocked you to rule this out.

AlternativelyThese factors can also cause iMessage not to work on your device:

  • The iMessage server is not working.
  • The software needs to be updated.
  • iMessage requires a reset on your device.
  • You need to sign in with your Apple ID on your device.

Good to know

If the iPhone dies, iMessage will remain on the servers for 30 days.


If you see your message in a green balloon instead of blue in the iPhone messaging app, know that the message is being delivered as an SMS and not the desired iMessage protocol.

If you encounter this problem with all your contacts, know that something is wrong on your side, so fix it!

If the problem occurs with only one contact, there may be multiple causes.

They may not have an Apple device, have connectivity issues, disable iMessage or lock you out.

Try to solve these problems so that everyone can use iMessage.

If that doesn't work, you have no choice but to use good old WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't iMessage work for one contact?

The recipient may not have had an iPhone (he has an Android phone) or may have turned off iMessage in his phone's settings. Similarly, the contact may have blocked you, his Internet connection has been turned off or airplane mode is on.

Why is my iMessage green for one person on an iPhone?

When a messaging app displays a message in a green balloon to someone on an iPhone, it means you need to send a regular SMS message to the recipient, not iMessage.

Why can't I send iMessages to anyone?

There could be many reasons; you or the recipient may have disabled iMessage, you don't have an iPhone or don't have an Internet connection, the device needs updating, or you need to update your Apple account credentials.

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