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The best tools for the youtuber-beginner

The best tools for the youtuber-beginner

YouTube is one of the largest social networks that allows users to create and share videos. One of the most important elements of YouTube is its high transparency. All that is needed is a camera, microphone and internet connectivity. Nevertheless, for novice YouTubers, being noticed among millions of videos and creators can be a challenge. If that's the case, using the right tools can help you stand out and grab viewers' attention.

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1. camera from the phone

If you're just starting out shooting YouTube videos, a great solution is to use your phone's camera. Almost every smartphone made in the last few years is capable of recording HD videos, which is enough to get you started.

2. the Canon EOS M50 camera

If you want a more professional look for your videos, the Sony A6000, Canon T6i or Nikon D3300 are good choices. The Canon EOS M50 is also a great choice if you're looking for something lightweight but still good quality.


3. a microphone for use with a smartphone

If you use the camera on your smartphone, you should consider buying an additional microphone. Such microphones are small and easy to install, but will greatly improve the sound quality of your video.

4. external microphone

If you're using a DSLR camera, it's worth investing in an external microphone. The Rode Videomic is a great option, but it won't fit every camera. It's worth thinking carefully about your choice.


5. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing software that offers comprehensive and advanced tools. It is often used by YouTubers who need various video editing features.

6. filmora

However, if you are looking for simpler and less expensive editing software, Filmora is worth considering. It offers many user-friendly features and comes at an attractive price.

Visual effects

7. greenScreen

Some YouTubers use backgrounds in the form of GreenScreen, which allows you to easily incorporate new backgrounds and effects in post-production and gives a much more interesting look to your videos.

8. stabilizer

If you want better image stabilization, consider using an image stabilizer. It offers much better video quality and reduces film shake for a more professional result.


YouTube is a great medium for budding YouTubers, but competition continues to grow. Using the right tools can help you stand out from other creators. The choice of camera, microphone, software and visual effects depends on your budget, preferences and needs. However, it's important to think carefully about your choice to get the best result.

Frequently asked questions

1. do I need to invest in expensive video editing software?
No, there are many alternatives available at attractive prices.

2. is it worth spending money on a good microphone?
Yes, a good microphone greatly improves the sound quality of your video.

3. is GreenScreen essential for beginning YouTubers?
No, the GreenScreen background is optional and depends on your filming style.

4. is an image stabilizer necessary?
It is not necessary, but it can significantly improve the quality of your video.

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