Explanation of ChatGPT plug-ins

Explanation of ChatGPT plugins

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On March 23, OpenAI launched a new version of ChatGPT, which can now connect to the Internet! The new ChatGPT plug-ins will build on the chatbot's current capabilities, called "eyes and ears" for language models.

These plug-ins will power the bot directly, giving it access to a wide range of knowledge and information from external partners and, excitingly, from the web.

According to OpenAI, this update will help ChatGPT "access up-to-date information, perform calculations and use third-party services." Without a doubt, this update is incredibly exciting and will take an already powerful model to the next level.

To create these new features, OpenAI has called up developers from a waiting list to create dedicated plug-ins for the ChatGPT. The first set of plug-ins has already been released, including Expedia, Klarna, Slack, Wolfram, OpenTable, Shopify and others.

OpenAI will also host two plug-ins of its own - a web browser and a code interpreter. Two features that will allow ChatGPT to not only access the Internet, but also execute code.

You can now also get the ChatGPT plugin for prospects. This add-on is not part of the latest OpenAI update, but if you want to get the most out of this AI chatbot, it's worth a look.

So, if you want ChatGPT to help you prepare some emails, you'll need to have access to a JavaScript runtime environment, Visual Studio Code and the Office add-in generator. For more information on how to set this up, you should definitely check out Microsoft's technical community blog post.

How does the ChatGPT plugin work?

So how do these plugins work? Simply by looking at OpenAI demo videoIt looks like you will have to install the specific plugins you want to use in ChatGPT.

These plugins will power ChatGPT's functionality at the same time, so when you ask a bot a question, ChatGPT will automatically use these tools.

For example, if you are looking for dinner reservations, the bot will display the OpenTable plugin to suggest a restaurant you can book.

At the moment, to gain alpha access, OpenAI has opened a waiting list for ChatGPT plug-ins. However, they will only prioritize developers and users ChatGPT PlusBefore they make it available to a wider audience.

Does ChatGPT have internet access?

Recently, yes! ChatGPT has access to the Internet. With the OpenAI plug-in update, ChatGPT now has its own web browsing plug-in.

Previously, this AI chatbot only had knowledge of events until September 2021. But with this new update, ChatGPT can now access information from the web using the Bing API.

Final thoughts

So that's all for now! The major update to the ChatGPT plugin will include countless features that will undoubtedly help you in many ways.

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