1682058110 So far these are the most impressive YouTube statistics MrBeast

So far these are the most impressive YouTube MrBeast statistics

One of the things we love to talk about in the creative community is this MrBeast's success on YouTube. We're talking billions of impressions across six different channels. Millions of loyal subscribers. Hundreds of challenges that have changed YouTube forever.

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Even Rolling stone recognized MrBeast as an award-winning video creator, philanthropist and entrepreneur. You may have seen his face - one that millions recognize - on the cover of the spring issue of Creators Issue.

But for those who don't know, MrBeast (real name Jimmy Donaldson) is famous for doing expensive stunts and challenges on YouTube. Imagine combining the best game show of all time with the craziness of a real video game, and that's exactly what you get from a MrBeast video: high energy and high competition.

To thrive on YouTube, it pays to learn from and be inspired by the best. Get a head start by learning about MrBeast, his YouTube stats and why he is so successful on the platform.

Quick facts about MrBeast

  • He started his YouTube channel in 2012 at the age of 13
  • Slawno counted up to 100,000 in 2017. (Youtube)
  • He spends $48 million a year on filmmaking (Colin and Samir)
  • Spends $10,000 on a YouTube thumbnail (Rolling stone)
  • He has raised more than $20 million to plant trees around the world (Team trees)
  • More than $30 million has been raised for marine debris removal (Team Seas)
  • He spent $3.5 million to create a YouTube version of Squid Game (Los Angeles Times)
  • The first content creator on the cover of Rolling Stone (Rolling stone)
  • He launched the virtual brand MrBeast Burger (MrBeast Burger)
  • It earned $54 million in 2021 (Forbes)

All MrBeast YouTube Channels

How many channels does MrBeast have? There are six in total:

  1. MrBestia: YouTube challenges with cash prizes
  2. The beast reacts: Responding to viral videos
  3. Philanthropy of the beast: Distributing money to the needy
  4. MrBeast Games: Challenges in video games
  5. MrBestia 2: Currently somewhat inactive channel MrBeast
  6. MrBeast shorts: MrBeast Short Content Collection
So far, these are the most impressive YouTube statistics of MrBeast

How many subscribers does MrBeast have?

Overall, the number of MrBeast subscribers is slightly more than 176 million On six channels.

Here's the breakdown:

  • PanBestia: 100 million
  • Beast reactions: 18.4 million
  • MrBeast shorts: 14.6 million
  • Philanthropy of the beast: 9.24 million
  • MrBeast games: 28.2 million
  • MrBeast 2: 6.41 million

How many views does MrBeast have?

Are you ready for these staggering statistics? As of July 28, 2022. MrBeast has more than 25 billion impressions In six channels:

  • MrBeast: 16.6 billion
  • MrBeast games: 4.8 billion
  • Beast reactions: 2.4 billion
  • MrBeast shorts: 1.8 billion
  • Philanthropy of the beast: 117.7 million
  • MrBeast 2: 18.5 million

The most watched MrBeast video

By far, MrBeast's Squid Game is his most popular YouTube video. It has impressive power 275 million impressions as of July 28, 2022.

Why MrBeast content is so addictive

To get billions of views like MrBeast, you have to go beyond YouTube. If we've learned anything from his journey, it's this Exciting challenges, cash prizes and creating videos without wasted minutes is a recipe for success.

Here's a typical run-through of a MrBeast video:

  1. Present a challenge
  2. Explain the rules
  3. Announce the cash prize
  4. Follow the athletes who are rising to the challenge
  5. Give the winner a lot of money

Take a look at this one recently uploaded by MrBeast "Would you swim with sharks for 100,000 $?" Do you see the classic pattern?

One of the reasons MrBeast is so successful is that it is not the main character of the film. It gives viewers something to enjoy at every stage: the participants, the expensive sets and the action that unfolds.

It also keeps your attention with excellent editing. Each clip lasts only a few seconds, which creates a rushed but exciting pace to its content. You don't have time to think about leaving the video because you are hopelessly addicted.

MrBeast's content also has a positive impact on well-being. It not only gives money to the lucky winners of its challenges, but also makes donations to family, friends, the homeless and various charities. Sometimes the whole point of the video is: "If we can do it Thiswe will donate money to It's".

In short, all these things make up MrBeast YouTube star.

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