How to fix it when the contact search function on Instagram doesn't

How to fix it when the contact search function on Instagram doesn't work

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This article explains why the Find Contacts feature on Instagram doesn't work and how to restore it.

Why doesn't the Find Contacts feature work?

If the Find Contacts feature doesn't work on Instagram, it could have many different causes. Each problem may require a different solution to fix it.

Before reaching this stage, it's a good idea to narrow your focus to the specific problem you're facing.

  • Your permissions on Instagram are incorrectly set. To see your contacts, Instagram must have permission to do so. Without it, there is no access to the object.
  • The app is out of date. All smartphone apps need regular updates, and using an older version can cause problems.
  • You're looking for someone who isn't there. In various ways, the person you're looking for may be on Instagram, but not in a way that you can view using Find Contacts.
  • You have been blocked by another user. If someone has blocked you on Instagram, even having their contact information on your phone will not allow you to view their profile.
  • You are offline. To access any Instagram feature, you must be online.

How to fix Instagram Find Contacts

If Find Contacts on Instagram isn't working, try these troubleshooting tips to get it working again.

  1. Check the permissions settings on Instagram. Instagram must be able to "see" your contacts. Check that you have allowed this by tapping on your profile picture and opening the menu, then tapping Settings > Watch and invite friends > Watch contacts > and enable any settings that are not already allowed in your phone's permissions.

  2. Update Instagram. If you don't update Instagram very often, you may be using an outdated version, which means you can't access some features. Update it on your phone.

  3. Reinstall Instagram. If the update doesn't work, try deleting and reinstalling the app to fix it.

    Make sure you know your account information before deleting the app.

  4. Search for a contact manually. If you know your friend is on Instagram, try searching for them using their real name or a username you know they use frequently. They may have registered with different information than you.

  5. Ask your contact. Some of your contacts may have private accounts on Instagram, which means you can't find them on the service. Ask them for their username on Instagram, but be understanding if they don't want to share it.

  6. Slow down with following people. If you follow a lot of people at the same time, you may find that your ability to follow more people has been limited for a while. This is not because of a problem with the Find Contacts feature, but because Instagram thinks you are a bot. Slow down and come back later.

Frequently asked questions

  • How to fix it when Instagram doesn't work?

    If Instagram doesn't work, check if Instagram is not working, check your Internet connection, then update and restart the app. If you still have problems, clear the app's cache and check the app's permissions, then restart the device.

  • Who are the close friends on Instagram?

    The close friends feature on Instagram is a personalized list of people you share stories with most often. After taking a photo or recording a video, tap the icon Close friends button at the bottom of the screen to make it available.

  • How to contact Instagram?

    To contact Instagram from within the app, go to your Profile > Menu > Settings > Help > Report a problem. You must fill out a special form at the Assistance Center regarding the DMCA Act, fundraising for non-profit organizations, donations or payment support.

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