1681097953 Outdated YouTube tips you should ignore in 2023

Outdated YouTube tips you should ignore in 2023

In the fast-changing world of YouTube, it's easy to get carried away with the latest trends and tactics for growing your channel. However, it's important to remember that what works today may not necessarily work in the future. With that in mind, here are eight YouTube tips you should ignore.

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1. launching a separate channel for your short films on YouTube

Outdated YouTube tips you should ignore in 2023

Some creators worry that combining long videos with shorter ones will hurt their channel. This makes sense when you follow the most important rule of YouTube development: create videos for your audience and no one else.

It begs the question: if viewers support your Short videos, why would they suddenly want long ones? And if they currently like your long pants, why would they want shorts?

Fortunately, this is a problem you no longer have to worry about. YouTube has bridged the gap between long and short videos so they can exist on the same channel. The platform will recommend your longplays when people watch your Shorts, allowing you to grow your channel with both types of content.

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2. introducing yourself in every video

1681097944 6 Outdated YouTube tips you should ignore in 2023

There is nothing wrong with saying "hi" at the beginning of the video, but try not to introduce yourself, your channel or your niche every time. When the viewer knows this information, repeating it misses the point.

Instead, lead with value You promised viewers before they clicked on the video. It could be the main idea or plot they saw in your title, thumbnail or description of the video. After all, that's what they came for!

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3. focus on YouTube tags

Many people think that by adding tags to a video, they get more views, but this is not the case. Tags make it easier for others to find your content, especially if the topic often contains errors.

Dobrym przykładem A good example is "Tomatoes." Many people omit the letter E when typing "tomatoes," so if your video is about growing this vegetable, you can add the typical typo (tomatoes) as a tag.

In general, tags play a minimal role in increasing views. According to YouTube, the title, description and thumbnail of the video are the most important for video discovery.

Outdated YouTube tips you should ignore in 2023

4. only creating videos for YouTube search

1681097944 815 Outdated YouTube tips you should ignore in 2023

Users discover videos in many parts of the app or YouTube site. Search pages are just one of those places, so you don't need to prioritize them over others.

Your video may appear in...

  • Browse features
  • Suggested videos
  • Channel pages
  • Notifications to subscribers
  • Playlists
  • End screens
  • Direct traffic
  • External traffic
  • Advertising on YouTube
  • Other YouTube features

So if you're only creating search-based videos that rely on keywords, you're losing a lot of views. We know this because 70% views on YouTube come with video recommendations!

This means that it's better to create videos that complement popular, viral content in your niche (which is why YouTube recommends your video next).

5. trying to gain popularity too soon

1681097944 710 Outdated YouTube tips you should ignore in 2023

Popularity on YouTube has many benefits, such as attracting new viewers and increasing your confidence as a creator.

But no one talks about how these benefits turn into setbacks for creators who are not used to going viral. They could spend months trying to reach that high again, all while targeting the wrong audience and creative burnout.

Therefore, popularity on YouTube is overrated. Here are the main reasons:

  • Being viral is addictive - pressure you don't need so early on.
  • Views do not always come from the "real" audience.
  • Sometimes the spin involves criticism.
  • Some viral trends/challenges are risky.
  • Becoming viral distorts your perception of quantity versus quality.
  • Think less about your audience and more about yourself.

An experienced creator can resist these things, but it's more difficult when you're new to YouTube.

6. doing "Sub4Sub" to get more subscribers

1681097945 459 Outdated YouTube tips you should ignore in 2023

Sub4Sub occurs when two creators subscribe to each other's channel to increase the overall number of subscribers. This sounds harmless enough, but it is the worst thing you can do for two reasons:

  1. It doesn't work in the long run.
  2. is against YouTube Terms of Service.

According to YouTube, it is forbidden to "cause or encourage any inaccurate measurement of users' actual engagement with the service, including by paying people or providing incentives to increase views, likes or dislikes of a video. or increase the number of subscribers to the channel..."

7. creating videos for the YouTube algorithm, not the audience

1681097945 956 Outdated YouTube tips you should ignore in 2023

Some creators are obsessed with beating the YouTube algorithm. They want to know all the tips and tricks to make a video rank high and get millions of views.

Of course, there is no "beating" the YouTube algorithm, because the algorithm does not work against anyone or anything. Its only job is to match viewers with relevant videos.

If you know your audience well, just create videos they want to watch! This allows YouTube's algorithm - more specifically, its recommendation system - to display this content to viewers.

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8. not looking for brand deals as a small developer

1681097945 579 Outdated YouTube tips you should ignore in 2023

There is a misconception that small creators can't make money on YouTube, let alone make deals with brands. But guess what? You don't need millions of subscribers to show brands your worth. Your proof is the viewers who take action when you ask them to, such as when they download an e-book or click the "Like" button.

If you can demonstrate this commitment, the next step is to reach out to brands that are in line with your channel's themes. You'll want to create a media kit first, and then come up with some ideas on how to advertise their latest product or service.

Watch out for YouTube tips

When it comes to education on YouTube, there are good tips, such self-serving advice and suspicious tips that get your channel shut down. That's why it's important to do your research. Look for multiple sources and follow only the advice that makes sense for your channel.

Want more details? This video explains more about the worst YouTube advice you should ignore.

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