Facebook relationships don't work - what should I do

Facebook relationships don't work - what should I do?

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Facebook Stories is a feature that allows you to create and share your most precious memories. You've taken the time to prepare a masterpiece and you're ready to publish; however, your story still stutters on the In conclusion... stage, and finally you get an error message saying that your story cannot be published.

Facebook relationships don't work - what should I do?

Indeed, many of us have experienced this, but what can we do to fix it?

Before you throw in the towel, keep reading. This article will give you some ideas on what to do if Facebook Relations stops working again.

Facebook Stories doesn't work on iPhone

Try the following troubleshooting tips to fix your Facebook relationship if you have an iPhone.

Close and restart the Facebook application

The first thing you can try is to restart the Facebook app. To force close the app on your iPhone, do the following:

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold (or press the Start button twice).
  2. The application switcher will open.
    IMG 5967
  3. Drag Facebook app up the screen to close it.
    IMG 5968
  4. Reopen the application.
    IMG 5969

Check out the update on Facebook

Facebook is updated quite frequently, and a lack of updates may be the reason why some features, such as Facebook Stories, do not work. To check for updates on Facebook, do the following:

  1. Press and hold App store Icon.
    IMG 5969 1
  2. Tap on Updates to display a list of applications with updates.
    IMG 5972
  3. press Update option next to Facebook application (if there is one). If you do not see an update option, your application is already updated to the latest version.
    IMG 5974

Reinstall the Facebook app

Sometimes reinstalling the app helps, as it removes all related data, giving you a completely fresh start without any errors. To reinstall Facebook on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Hold Facebook application icon.
    IMG 5969
  2. Press Delete the application.
    IMG 5976
  3. Confirm by pressing Remove Again.
    IMG 5977
  4. Open App store.
    IMG 5978 1
  5. Search Facebook.
    IMG 5979 1
  6. Tap on Download the icon.
    IMG 5981 1

Restart iPhone

This simple solution is often one of the most overlooked. There's a reason why it's the first troubleshooting option for most technical support. To try this solution, do the following:

  1. Press and hold the side button on the right side of the phone and one of the volume buttons on the left side at the same time.
  2. Two sliders will appear on the screen, one for turning off the phone and the other for emergency calls.
    Screenshot 2 33
  3. Choose the one that says swipe to turn off And drag the slider from left to right.
    Screenshot 1 29
  4. Wait 30 seconds.
  5. Turn on the phone by holding down the side button until the Apple logo appears.

Update your iOS

If your operating system is not up-to-date, this can cause compatibility problems with your applications. It can also cause problems with Facebook relationships. To check for iOS updates, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
    image10 2
  2. Tap on General.
    89079 2
  3. Choose Software update.
  4. Click Download and install

To avoid problems in the future, you can enable automatic phone updates.

Facebook Stories doesn't work on Android

Android phones are used by about 70% of the world's population, indicating that most uploaded Facebook relationships are created using Android. Unfortunately, problems such as not displaying Facebook stories or not seeing other people's accounts are also quite common. There are a few things you can try to solve this problem.

Restart the phone

It is recommended that you restart your phone once a week, even if there are no problems, to prevent crashes and errors. This may also be the solution to your Facebook Story problems. To restart your Android, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold Power button.
  2. A pop-up window will appear.
  3. Choose Restart.
    Screenshot 20211023 234102 Samsung Experience Home
  4. Confirm by pressing Restart Again.
    Screenshot 20211023 234110 Samsung Experience Home

Update your Facebook app

Continuous updates can be a nuisance, but they ensure that all bugs are fixed and features work properly. To check if you have an update on Android, follow these steps:

  1. open Google Play Store.
    Screenshot 20211023 234531 Samsung Experience Home
  2. Search Facebook.
    Screenshot 20211023 234607 Google Play Store
  3. If there is an update, there will be Update option below Facebook.
  4. Choose Update.
    Screenshot 20211023 234612 Google Play Store

Clear cache

Androids have a handy app manager that clears the cache before using an app. This helps free up space and fix apps that don't work properly. Clearing the cache may also be the right solution for your Facebook relationships. To try this option, do the following:

  1. Open Settings Menu.
    Screenshot 20211023 235550 Settings
  2. Go to Applications or a similarly named sub setting.
    Screenshot 20211023 235559 Settings
  3. A list of all your applications will appear. Select Facebook.
    Screenshot 20211023 235657 Settings
  4. Choose Clear cache At the bottom of the screen.
    Screenshot 20211023 235718 Settings

Each Android device may have a slightly different menu depending on the phone manufacturer, but the basic idea remains the same.

Facebook Stories doesn't work on iPad

Although iPads share the same operating system as iPhones, Facebook's iPad app did not have a Story feature until recently. If you don't see Stories when using your iPad, you need to update the Facebook app to access this feature. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open App store.
    image0 15
  2. Search Facebook.
    image2 12
  3. Choose Update.
    image3 10

If you already have an updated version of Facebook and are still having problems with the Facebook relationship, you can follow the same steps as for the iPhone. Try restarting the app, reinstalling it, updating iOS or restarting the iPad.

Facebook Stories doesn't work on PC

Most people probably wouldn't choose to transfer history from a computer, but it is useful. However, even here there are some problems. Fortunately, there are also ways to fix them.

One way is to clear the cache of the browser you use to access Facebook. When using a browser, many cached files can slow down the browser and cause problems. The exact method will vary from browser to browser. The basic steps are:

  1. Open Settings In your browser.
    Screenshot 4 28
  2. Search Clear browsing data.
    Screenshot 5 23
  3. Click Clear data.
    Screenshot 6 23

Another reason for problems with Facebook Relations is that your browser is not up to date. To fix this, search for your browser on Google and install the latest version.

Facebook relationships don't show up in Messenger

Most people who use Facebook also use the Messenger app. Sometimes there are problems, such as Stories not being displayed in Messenger, but there are several ways to fix this.

If you see Relationships on Facebook, but not in Messenger, or your Relationship is not visible, you may have muted Relationships. To check this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the icon with your profile picture in the upper left corner.
    image0 16
  2. Choose Stories.
    image1 16
  3. Go to Hidden history.
    image2 13
  4. Uncheck the selected users.
    image3 11
  5. Go to Mute the story.
    image4 8
  6. Uncheck the selected users.
    image6 6

Another thing you can do is clear the cache on an Android device or offload the app on an iOS device. Offloading is similar to clearing the cache. It doesn't delete your data or information and is faster than uninstalling the app. To unload the Messenger app, do the following:

  1. Open Settings Menu.
    image8 2
  2. Go to General.
    image9 2
  3. Tap on iPhone memory.
    image10 3
  4. Find Messenger Application.
  5. Tap on Unload.
    image12 4
  6. Tap on Reinstall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook relationships are great fun until they don't work properly. Here are more answers to questions about this feature.

How can I contact Facebook for additional assistance?

If you have tried all of the above methods and your Stories are still not cooperating, Facebook can help you. You need to use the so-called Assistance support option in Facebook settings. You can send a ticket (along with a screenshot) to the support team.

I can't see someone's story. What am I doing?

If you've noticed that there's a group or friend whose Story doesn't appear at the top of your feed, it's probably muted. You can unmute another user's History in the mobile app by tapping the option Settings and touching History Settings.

If you are using a web browser, tap the right arrow icon that appears next to the relationship (at the top of the feed), and then tap Settings. From here you will see Stories you've muted. Get Unmute to add user content back to your channel.

History is coming to an end

There are many reasons why the Facebook Story feature may not work. However, there are many ways to fix it on different devices. If none of the issues discussed are working for you, it's a good idea to contact technical support.

Have you encountered relationship problems on Facebook? What has worked best for you? Feel free to share your experiences and opinions in the comments section below.

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