Top 10 LinkedIn Metrics to Track by 2022

Top 10 LinkedIn metrics to track in 2023.

When social media first came into our lives, we were captivated by the advances in technology. That was more than a decade ago. But, things have changed.

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Secrets of LinkedIn - How to Build a Personal Brand

Learn the strategies that will transform your profile into a powerful networking tool on LinkedIn.

It's no surprise that in 2023 LinkedIn is now at the top of the game. LinkedIn, it's your turn to shine.

LinkedIn has done a simple thing by targeting a different audience than others social media platforms, as it is primarily used for professional networking.

Now that LinkedIn is primarily used for professional networking, it is important to track your performance on the platform. You need to be able to identify the key metrics that will help you become the best on LinkedIn. Let's take a look at the most important LinkedIn metrics that every marketer should know.

Top 10 LinkedIn metrics you should keep an eye on.

  1. LinkedIn engagement
  2. Reach
  3. Impressions
  4. Increase in the number of followers on LinkedIn
  5. Click-through rate
  6. Video views
  7. Traffic metrics
  8. Demographics
  9. Visitors
  10. Visitors' main job functions

1. engagement on LinkedIn

This is the key metric most talked about, regardless of platform. Engagement is certainly important because it shows the true power and potential of your results.

This is how you measure the interactions people have with the content you post. Total engagement on LinkedIn is the sum of likes and comments, as well as shares that a post receives over a given period of time.

LinkedIn's average engagement rate per post by followers is calculated as the sum of likes, comments and shares divided by the number of posts, all divided by the number of followers, and then all multiplied by 100 to get the percentage.

How to calculate the average engagement rate on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best way to make your business grow. People seem to have figured this out, as you will always find them engaging with the content they see, if the posts are good enough and they can't resist your call-to-actions.

2 Outreach

Another important metric that LinkedIn marketers should monitor with consistency is reach.

The reach metric tells you how many people have seen your content in their feeds.

Along with impressions, outreach contributes to monitoring brand awareness.

Higher reach means your content is more likely to be seen by potential customers.

Here is the post reach for Socialinsider's LinkedIn page

If more people see your content, it is likely that your posts are interesting and catchy enough.

This can encourage you to explore new content strategies that will help you convert users into followers and maybe even future customers.

However, if your reach is low, you will have the opportunity to gain insights from LinkedIn that will allow you to optimize on the go, as well as take your marketing strategy in a new direction.

3 Impressions

While you are tracking your LinkedIn KPIs it is important to consider impressions as well.

This social media metric shows how many people have viewed your content, as well as multiple views from the same user.

If you're wondering why you should regularly check these marketing metrics, we have the answer.

Impressions can help you determine which types of content are more popular on LinkedIn.

Post impressions for Socialinsider's LinkedIn page

A higher view rate indicates that your content is high quality and timely. It also means that visitors are more likely to view your content repeatedly.

With Socialinsider, you have access to many LinkedIn metrics to help with LinkedIn analytics reports.

Impression metrics are very important because they show how relevant your content is.

Page views in LinkedIn native app

We have created a comparison of more than 50 analytics tools social media Based on the G2 grid. Read

4. increase in the number of followers on LinkedIn

Perhaps, you are tired of hearing about the importance of including this metric. This metric is not the most important. It's not even close.

But, it's worth looking at from time to time, as it can reveal something about your content and activity in general.

If your numbers are dropping, it could be due to inactivity or because your content is not targeting your audience.

Here are the gained followers on LinkedIn

It's also great to see the evolution of your followers, as this will show you peak activity on LinkedIn. If you publish consistently and people respond to your content, you can eventually attract more followers. And that's already a double win.

5. clicks and click-through rates (CTR )

In a world that is constantly on the move, people can't stop scrolling. Be the one to make everyone stop scrolling and click on your content.

This is made possible by coming up with engaging ideas and putting them into posts.

Click-through rate metrics identify visitors who are truly interested in your brand. They stop their scrolling and decide that they want to learn more about your products and services on your site. To calculate the CTR of your posts on LinkedIn, divide the total number of clicks by the total number of impressions.

Average CTR for LinkedIn

When your audience clicks on a hyperlink in your post, it's to learn more about the idea you presented in your post.

If your followers click on links in your posts it indicates that they are interested in the products and services your brand offers.

PS - According to our survey content on LinkedIn, native files generate the highest CTR across all account sizes. The ups and downs in your CTR are great indicators of which posts are most likely to get your followers to click on your links and spend some time to learn more about your company.

Number of clicks displayed in the native app of LinkedIn

To check your profile's click-through rate, you can use a native app to access LinkedIn analytics, or use Linkedin analytics software such as Socialinsider to get deeper insights into the site.

In addition to the click-through rate metric on LinkedIn, there is also a click-through metric that differs from the first metric mentioned above.

Unlike CTR, clicks are a LinkedIn KPI that shows how many people clicked on a link in your Bio.

It usually leads to the main page of the website, and its main purpose is to increase brand awareness.

6 Video views

Video views metrics give you information about how many times users have seen your videos, whether they have watched them repeatedly or not.

A user watches a video if they have seen at least 3 seconds of it. Video views are a way to increase the attention span of your followers. This LinkedIn metric is more important than any other post views.

Average view rate for LinkedIn

Post Views, on the other hand, is an overview of how many people have seen your post (any type of post), regardless of whether they have seen it multiple times. This social media measurement is similar to impressions.

LinkedIn video views evolution in Socialinsider

This LinkedIn KPI will allow you to see in-depth insights regarding each post and will help you improve your content strategy on LinkedIn based on the results you get with your current approach.

7. traffic metrics

LinkedIn makes your journey worthwhile.

Using LinkedIn analytics, you can track all page views and see their source.

Visitor metrics on native LinkedIn analytics

It doesn't matter if it's mobile or desktop, but it will give you a better idea of your audience's intentions and preferences.

In other words, your site visits are broken down into mobile and desktop views. This information can help you improve your content. For example, for mobile visits, some of your posts may need to be tweaked to display clearly on all screens.

8 Demographics

It is important to understand where your audience is coming from. You can better understand your audience by looking at charts.

Geographical distribution of followers on LinkedIn

This is important because you may want to make changes to the content based on the insights you receive.

Visitor demographics on LinkedIn analytics native app

This way you can see exactly who is investing in your site and start tailoring content to their demographics.

9. visitors

LinkedIn users scroll through posts every day, and you need to know how to grab their attention.

Providing them with useful content that aligns with their values and interests will ensure a higher engagement rate and perhaps even an increase in traffic. Users are key to your success if they receive quality services and products from your brand.

Here is visitor analytics in the native app on LinkedIn

Visitors is one of LinkedIn's most important metrics. This LinkedIn KPI gives you insight into all the people who don't follow your profile, but regularly visit your site to see your latest activity and posts. With the LinkedIn Visitors metric, you can find out how many people are interested in your business and are exploring your content without following your profile.

To make sure you're converting visitors into followers and building a loyal community, you should post content that preaches your brand values, using a friendly tone while remaining informative.

Top 10 job functions for your visitors

Is LinkedIn not about professional networking? Well, it is.

That's because your visitors' job functions are key to understanding who is visiting your site.

Your business is likely targeting a specific audience. So this metric is more important than you may realize. Take a look at their websites to see how they are doing. This will help you determine how good your content is.

Followers' jobs function displayed in LinkedIn native analytics

LinkedIn users scroll through posts every day. To get them to stop and interact with our content, it helps to know how to attract them.

Providing them with content that is relevant to their interests and values will ensure a higher engagement rate and perhaps even more traffic. This LinkedIn KPI gives insight into all the people who don't follow your profile, but regularly visit your site to see your latest activity and posts.

Followers' data for Socialinsider on LinkedIn

To ensure that visitors become followers and build a loyal following, you should post content that promotes your brand values and is friendly and informative.

Final thoughts

With LinkedIn becoming more popular than ever before, it's important to get involved and be as successful as possible. Data is always on your side when it comes to anything social. Track your social media performance and learn the language of LinkedIn analytics. It will definitely pay off.

As a summary of this lecture, here is LinkedIn's key metrics, which your brand must follow in 2023:

  1. Engagement
  2. Reach
  3. Impressions
  4. Followers growth
  5. Clicks and click-through rate
  6. Video views
  7. Traffic metrics
  8. Demographics
  9. Visitors
  10. Top job functions of your visitors

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