Can Chat GPT pass the bar exam

Can Chat GPT pass the bar exam?

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It seems that every day there is a new story about GPT Chat. The latest headline is about the AI bot's potential to pass a standard legal evaluation. But can Chat GPT pass the bar exam?

Chat GPT has attracted attention since its launch last November. In the past 24 hours Buzzfeed has even announced that it will use the AI model write some of its content - quite a message!

The developers at OpenAI have shown us what this language model can do, and it's terrifying. Given that companies are deploying these models to replace human writers, and now have the potential to pass exams, what more can we expect from artificial intelligence in the future? Let's see if this artificial intelligence language model can cross the bar.

What is the bar exam?

The bar exam is the final assessment of a person who wants to become a licensed lawyer. In order to practice law in a specific state in the US, one must pass that state's special bar exam.

The test has a reputation for being very difficult, with overall pass rates sometimes reaching as low as 30%.

If you've ever wondered what an exam looks like, you're not alone. Bar exam questions can take two different forms: multiple choice and essay. The tests are usually divided into many separate sessions, sometimes taking several hours to complete.

GPT chat bar exam

Professors from Illinois Tech and the Michigan State College of Law have put the GPT-3.5 compared to multistate bar exam (MBE). In their research paper, they stated that the model "achieves a pass rate in two categories of Advocacy" and achieves similar ratings to people "taking the test" in another.

The results are excellent, and they believe that the GPT-3.5 answers show that the model has a "general understanding of the legal field." If you want to read the entire research article, you can find it Here.

So we know that GPT-3.5 can pass the bar, but what about other legal exams? Well, other law professors at the University of Minnesota also tested the OpenAI language model in a different exam scenario. They did GPT chat has four ratings covering various courses at the law university. The results were fascinating.

The chatbot managed to get only mediocre results, a mere C+, but it still scores nonetheless. The findings also seem to suggest that GPT Chat would be advanced enough to potentially secure a law degree if he were a college student.

Final thoughts

There's no doubt about it, OpenAI's language models are pretty smart tools. Its ability to pass exams is very clear, and its recent positive result on the bar surprised many. If you found this article interesting, be sure to read another article here.

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