Why you should use Microsoft Ads

Why you should use Microsoft Ads

Don't ignore the unsung heroes! There are many reasons to include Microsoft Ads to your paid strategy - and the great results you can get from the platform (formerly known as Bing Ads), if you know how.

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Microsoft Ads is pay-per-click (PPC) platform, which allows brands to advertise their products and services on both the search network Bing, as well as in its partner networks (Yahoo! i AOL). Microsoft Ads are displayed at the top, bottom and side of the Bing search engine results page.

Although Microsoft Ads is not as well known as Google or Amazon Ads, it can definitely make your marketing budget work harder!

With Microsoft Ads, you can:

  • take over precise tracking of the device
  • target niche audiences; and
  • import of advertising campaigns.

Why use Microsoft Ads when Google Ads has greater reach?

Building a multi-platform search campaign is a great way to optimize your overall marketing strategy.

Microsoft Ads function similarly to Google Ads - marketers bid on specific keywords that they predict will drive the right traffic to the right destination at the right price.

Google is the most popular search option on the Web. According to Internet Live Stats, Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches each day and up to 1.2 trillion searches annually worldwide. That's why Google Ads are a great place to start when we build paid media campaigns.

Because Google has so much traffic, Google Ads provide access to a wide, diverse audience. The flip side of this is fierce competition - lots of marketers vying for the same spotlight accelerates the price of popular keywords. Investing in other platforms (such as Microsoft Ads) is a great way to cast a wider net and boost PPC results.

One of the main advantages of Microsoft Ads is the ability to import campaigns from other advertising platforms (like Google) into Microsoft Ads. This saves marketers the challenge of having to create an ad campaign from scratch. Once the import begins, marketers can review their data and make changes easily.

Microsoft Ads is highly profitable

Discernment in bid management is key to optimizing on a tight budget - and ROAS improvements At every level of spending. Microsoft Ads has a number of features for effective budget control, including the ability to pre-select variables such as device, location and time.

Reduced competition for keywords and a lower cost per click (CPC) make Microsoft Ads particularly good for targeting specific demographics - especially Users who are 35 years old or older.

Target niche audiences

One of the primary goals of a paid campaign is to reach a new audience. For companies looking to achieve this goal, it is risky to rely on one advertising platform - even if it has the greatest reach.

According to Search Engine Land there are about 63 million people in Bing's user base who are not being reached by Google Ads. In addition, Microsoft Ads has a form of audience targeting called In-Market Audiences, which segments users into lists of shopping intentions based on their Bing search history.

These features help dramatically accelerate the success of a paid campaign. Microsoft Ads success story reveals, e-commerce giant MyDeal, has achieved a 389% YoY increase in conversions through the use of In-Market Audiences.

Seize precise device targeting

Ads are a waste of effort and resources if they are not seen by the right people. Demographic selection options in Microsoft Ads make it easy to connect companies with their target audiences.

The Microsoft Ads API (application programming interface) allows campaigns to track progress based on specific devices. It also allows marketers to target only mobile users, excluding desktop audiences and vice versa.

Although not the most recognized platform, Microsoft Ads can be a very valuable asset for marketers who want to reach unique consumers on a limited budget.

Ultimately, the key to a successful ad campaign is having the visibility required to accurately measure performance in a timely manner. Marketers need to know if the campaign is hitting the target audience, driving conversions and contributing to an overall positive ROAS.

So how can such high-level visibility be achieved? How can marketers easily track engagement in their campaigns, be sure they are targeting the right keywords, and know if their ads are generating revenue for their company?

Digivizer answered the call. When companies link all their accounts in one platform, they can instantly access data on all their advertising campaigns. This allows them to make smarter marketing decisions, as they can easily see what is working and what is wasting resources.

Become a data-driven marketer, register for free today.

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