5 tips on how to secure live streaming on Instagram

5 tips for securing a live broadcast on Instagram

Live streaming is currently trending on Instagram and other social media platforms because you can interact with your audience via real-time video. But have you thought about the security implications of Instagram Live?

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Having your Instagram livestream taken over by cybercriminals or exposed to threats is not a pleasant experience. To avoid this, you need to intentionally secure it. Read on as we discuss effective ways to make your live broadcasts more secure.

1. check your security settings on Instagram

Did you know that your Instagram account can be hacked during a live session? This is possible when hackers identify a vulnerability that they can penetrate. Before starting live streaming on Instagram Make sure your security is intact. You can set up two-factor authentication with your mobile number to make it harder for hackers.

You can go to the Settings section by clicking on your profile picture at the bottom right of the page on Instagram. Once you've done that, click on three dotted lines in the upper right corner of the screen and tap on the Settings.

2. identify your audience on InstagramBoy Takes a Selfie

Exposing yourself to the wrong crowd can have some consequences for online security. It is important to determine to whom you will be broadcasting your session before you begin.

While most of your audience may be your watchers, non-watchers may also belong to your audience. Let your audience know what the live broadcast is about, and those interested will stay to watch you and interact with you.

3. do not disclose private information

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There are a few details you shouldn't share during a live broadcast on Instagram. For example, it may be okay if you share details about the start of your career or company. However, you should withhold private information, including your address, salary and itinerary.

Remember that the audience may ask you personal questions, but you decide which questions to answer.

4. avoid offensive or inappropriate content

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When live streaming on IG, you will find people with different ethics and values. To avoid viewer dissatisfaction, make sure your content is appropriate for a diverse audience. Avoid offensive and inappropriate words and actions, as this may discourage viewers.

Publishing relevant content requires a deliberate effort. If you have jumped on broadcast on Instagram Without planning, you may say or do things that some people may find offensive. Therefore, plan your speech and answers to any questions you may ask in advance to avoid surprise.

5. limit troublemakers

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While you should try to entertain your viewers, you also need to watch out for some. Watch out for Internet trolls, as they can ruin your live session. You can mute their comments, which will help you maintain a safe space for other viewers.

For live streaming on Instagram, you can add moderators to help you coordinate the session. In addition, you can limit offensive comments from viewers. Here's how to do it:

Go to Settings > Privacy > Hidden words and use the switch to enable Hide comments. You can also create a list of offensive words that you don't want to appear in your live session.

You have three options at the end of each live session. You can upload your video to IGTV (Instagram Video), download it or delete it. The first two options give observers a chance to watch again if they missed the live session.

Implementing proactive security on Instagram live

IG Live is an effective tool for promoting a better connection with your audience and customers. In addition to engaging in real-time discussions with viewers, hosting a live broadcast on Instagram also gives them a glimpse into your life.

You don't have to worry if things don't go according to your plan. It's called IG Live for a reason. It can't be compared to pre-recorded content. So if you encounter a glitch, apologize to your viewers, fix it and move on.

There's only so much you can do to protect yourself online. Being proactive provides an extra layer of security when interacting with your audience.

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