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Facebook Algorithm 2023: How does it work and how does it affect content?

Today, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. With more than 2.8 billion active users each month, Facebook has a huge impact on the way we consume information and interact with the world. One of the key elements that affects our Facebook experience is Facebook's algorithm. In this article, we will discuss how it works Facebook's algorithm and how it affects the content we see on our board.

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What is Facebook's algorithm?

Facebook's algorithm is a set of rules and processes that decide what content is displayed on a user's wall. The algorithm uses a number of factors, such as user interactions, the type of content, the age of the user and more, to determine which content is most appropriate for a given user.

How does Facebook's algorithm work?

Facebook's algorithm works in several steps:

1. data collection

Facebook's algorithm collects information about the user, such as age, gender, location, interaction history and more.

2. content analysis

The algorithm analyzes content that is available on Facebook, including posts, photos and videos.

3. determining the value of content

The algorithm assigns a value to the content, which is measured by the number of interactions, such as likes, shares and comments.

4. determine which content is most appropriate

The algorithm uses all the information collected to determine which content is most relevant to the user.

5. content display

The algorithm displays content on the user's board based on its value and appropriately selected content.

How does it affect the content we see on Facebook?

Facebook's algorithm affects the content we see on our wall in different ways. Here are some ways the algorithm can affect our Facebook experience:

1. targeted advertising

Facebook's algorithm allows companies to target ads to specific groups of users, for example, based on their age, gender or interests.

2. content filtering

The algorithm may decide that some content is not suitable for a particular user and decide not to display it.

3 Data privacy

Facebook's algorithm is also responsible for the privacy of user data. For example, if a user has not interacted with the content of a certain profile, the algorithm will decide that this content is of no interest to the user and will stop displaying it.

4. content personalization

Facebook's algorithm is also able to tailor content to the user's preferences, taking into account, for example, the user's previous interactions with the content of a given topic.

5. impact on content visibility

Facebook's algorithm also affects the visibility of content, such as posts that users publish. If the algorithm deems a piece of content to be of high quality and popularity, it is more likely to be displayed on the board to more users.

How to influence Facebook's algorithm?

There are several ways to influence Facebook's algorithm and increase the visibility of your content on the platform. Here are some tips:

1. appropriate tagging

Tagging other users, companies and pages can increase the reach of content, as Facebook will notify these users of content in which they are tagged.

2. create interesting content

Creating interesting and valuable content that encourages interaction, such as likes, shares and comments, can help increase their visibility.

3. regularity of publishing content

Publishing content regularly can help keep users interested and increase their interaction with your profile.

4. user interaction

Interacting with users through replies to comments and messages can help build engagement and loyalty to your profile.


Facebook's algorithm is a key element in the operation of this social platform. It ensures that users receive content that is most relevant to their interests and preferences. There are many ways to influence Facebook's algorithm and increase the visibility of your content, including regularly posting interesting content, interacting with users and tagging appropriately. Understanding Facebook's algorithm can help you make better use of this social platform and achieve positive results in your online marketing.


1. is Facebook's algorithm secret?

Yes, Facebook's algorithm is secret and the company does not disclose its full details to prevent manipulation and abuse.

2. does Facebook's algorithm favor video content?

No, Facebook's algorithm does not favor specific types of content, such as video. However, the popularity of video on Facebook may contribute to its higher visibility.

3. does Facebook's algorithm favor companies over individual users?

No, Facebook's algorithm does not favor companies over individual users. The algorithm uses a number of factors to determine which content is most relevant to a given user.

4. does liking a post affect its visibility?

Yes, liking a post can make it more visible on a user's wall, as the algorithm recognizes that the content is popular and of interest to users.

5. is it possible to buy reach on Facebook?

No, it is not possible to buy reach on Facebook. Facebook's algorithm takes into account the authenticity and value of content when displayed on a user's wall, not the number of ads purchased.

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