How to deselect yourself or someone else on Facebook

How to deselect yourself or someone else on Facebook

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What to know

  • To remove the tag, find the photo and click Tag a photo > X next to your name > Done Tagging.
  • To deselect another person, follow the same procedure and click the X next to their name.

From this article you will learn how to deselect yourself or someone else on Facebook. It also examines why you might want to do this.

How to de-stigmatize

If someone has tagged you in a photo or post on Facebook and you're not happy with the association, a quick fix is at hand. Here's how to un-tag yourself on Facebook.

  1. On Facebook, click Photos.

    To find a post you don't want to tag, click Posts.

  2. Find the photo you want to delete.

  3. Click Tag the photo.

  4. Click the X next to your name.

  5. Click Finished tagging to finish editing the tags on the photo.

  6. Removed designation from photo or post.

How to deselect someone else

If you prefer to deselect someone else from your photo or post, the process is almost the same.

Click the image, then instead of clicking the X next to your name, click it next to the person you want to delete.

The photo will no longer be available on their profile.

What else can I do to make sure people don't tag me?

If someone keeps tagging you in photos or posts and you don't want them to, you have a few options. Here are some ideas on what to do.

  • Talk to the person. Send a message to the person who tagged you and ask them to remove it. If it's a friend, they should understand.
  • Block the person who tagged you. It's best to talk about it, but if necessary, block the person. They will not be able to tag you in any photo or post or contact you.
  • Report them. If the post or photo is offensive, please contact us Facebook. This only works for anything that is considered offensive or against Facebook's community standards and should be a last resort.

Why would I want to be unmarked?

Everyone uses Facebook differently, which means tagging is handled differently. Here's why some users may not want to be tagged on Facebook.

  • Private problems. Some people do not want every social occasion to be attached to their Facebook profile, so they may prefer to keep any photos taken at the event private and away from their profile.
  • To avoid spam. People may end up tagging you in multiple posts or photos, and you may want to make your messages more streamlined and spam-free.
  • Breaking. Have you just broken up with someone? You probably also want to remove evidence of their existence from your Facebook profile. While you may not want to block them (yet), removing the tags from their photos and posts may help you feel better.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why can't I tag someone on Facebook?

    Facebook's privacy settings allow users to review posts in which they have been tagged, giving them a chance to remove the tag. You also can't tag the person who blocked you.

  • How to tag a company on Facebook?

    If your company has a Facebook page, you can tag that page with the usual tools. You may have to watch the page to do this.

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