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How to add a Facebook page in HootSuite

You just finished setting up your Facebook page. However, you realized that managing your Facebook page is not as easy as you thought. Well, it may be time to add Hootsuite to the mix.

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How to add a Facebook page in HootSuite

In this article, you'll learn how to add a Facebook page to your Hootsuite account to make managing it a little less taxing.

How to add a Facebook page using a computer

Before you link your Facebook page to Hootsuite, make sure you have the role of page administrator or editor. By default, you will have the admin role if you are the creator of the Facebook page in question. But if you're not, be sure to check what your position is on the Facebook page. Here's how:

  1. On your Facebook dashboardClick the menu icon on the navigation bar.
    Hootsuite How to Add a Facebook Page Using Your PC 1
  2. Select "Pages."
    Hootsuite How to Add a Facebook Page Using Your PC 2
  3. Select the Facebook page whose role you want to edit or view.
    Hootsuite How to Add a Facebook Page Using Your PC 3
  4. Scroll to the bottom and select "Settings" from the sidebar menu on the left.
    Hootsuite How to Add a Facebook Page Using Your PC 4
  5. Select "Site Roles."
    Hootsuite How to Add a Facebook Page Using Your PC 5
  6. View or edit your site role in the "Existing Site Roles" section.
    Hootsuite How to Add a Facebook Page Using Your PC 6

If you haven't created a Hootsuite account yet, you can easily add your Facebook page after creating an account. To get started, go to Hootsuite and create a free account. Enter your account login information as you would for any other application, and continue. You should see a prompt asking you to connect at least two apps to continue on the account setup page.

Go ahead and do the following:

  1. Select the Facebook widget to continue.
  2. Accept permission requests to authenticate Hootsuite on your Facebook account.
  3. If you have any pages on your Facebook account, you should see a prompt from Hootsuite asking you to link them.
  4. Click "Add."
  5. Give your page some time for the changes to take effect. You should now see that your Facebook page is linked to Hootsuite.

Note that if this is your first time interacting with Hootsuite, you may be asked to add another social network account to complete the setup process. Do this to continue.

The above steps are for absolute beginners who are interacting with Hootsuite for the first time. However, if you have been using Hootsuite for some time and now need to add a page for your Facebook account, the following steps are for you. Adding a Facebook account to Hootsuite is a relatively easy task. Here's how to do it if you're using a computer:

  1. On your Hootsuite Go to "My Profile" and "Manage your account and teams."
  2. If you are using the free version, click "+ Private Account." However, if you are using the paid version, click "Manage" and then "Add social network."
  3. Click the Facebook widget.
  4. Complete the authentication process using your Facebook login credentials.
  5. Click the "Add" button to add the Facebook page to the Hootsuite dashboard.
  6. You should now see an alert confirming that your Facebook page is linked to your Hootsuite account.

You now have your Facebook page connected to Hootsuite and can now unlock the features of this advanced social media management tool.

How to add a Facebook page to Hootsuite using a cell phone

Hootsuite is also available as a mobile app. The app is intuitive, making it even easier to social media management.

Most importantly, adding a Facebook page to Hootsuite on a cell phone is no different from a PC, except for minor modifications to the mobile apps. For this reason, expect a few tweaks to the interface.

Here's how to add a Facebook page to Hootsuite using a cell phone:

  1. Launch the Hootsuite mobile app.
    IMG 0579
  2. In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the user's avatar.
    IMG 0590
  3. Tap on "Social accounts."
    IMG 0591
  4. Select the plus icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
    IMG 0592
  5. Go to "Facebook.
    IMG 0593
  6. Complete the authentication process if you are not already logged into your Facebook account.
    IMG 0598
  7. Click the "Add" button next to the Facebook account you want to add to the Hootsuite dashboard.
    IMG 0600
  8. If the process is successful, a checkmark should appear next to the Facebook page you just added to Hootsuite.
    IMG 0601

How to remove a Facebook page from your Hootsuite dashboard

You may have many reasons for wanting to remove your Facebook page from your Hootsuite dashboard. Perhaps your social media strategy has changed, or maybe you don't think Hootsuite is the ideal solution for you anymore.

Whatever the reason, if you ever change your mind about linking your Facebook page to your Hootsuite account, you can delete it. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Hootsuite dashboard.
  2. At the bottom of the window you should see a list of Facebook accounts that you have connected to the platform.
    IMG 0604
  3. Click the cogwheel icon next to the Facebook page you want to remove from the Hootsuite dashboard.
    IMG 0605
  4. Select "Remove from Hootsuite."
    IMG 0606
  5. An alert should appear asking you to confirm the action you are about to take. Click "Delete" to complete the deletion request.
    IMG 0607

Additional frequently asked questions

Can I have more than one Facebook page connected to my Hootsuite dashboard?

Yes, Hootsuite allows you to connect multiple Facebook pages to your account. However, if you use the free version, you are limited to only two social media accounts.

Can I add my personal Facebook profile to Hootsuite?

Yes, you can add your personal Facebook profile to your Hootsuite dashboard. However, you can only access it in read-only mode. This means you can't post to it through your Hootsuite account.

Why doesn't Hootsuite post on my Facebook page?

If your Hootsuite is not publishing to your Facebook page, it is most likely a problem with your page's publishing permissions. You can fix this by double-checking that you have admin or editor permissions for the page by following the steps listed above. Also make sure you are using two-factor authentication, as Facebook requires a certain level of security to integrate with third-party applications.

Alternatively, the culprit could be your Facebook Business integration. To rule this out, go to Facebook's business tools and select "view and edit" to see exactly if Hootsuite can indeed publish to your site. If it isn't, be sure to enable the various features that are listed.

Can I add a Facebook group to the Hootsuite dashboard?

Yes, you can add a Facebook group to your Hootsuite dashboard and manage it from the same place as other social accounts.

Streamline Facebook management with Hootsuite

Now that you've connected your Facebook page to Hootsuite, it's time to explore the deeper roots of automated and seamless social media management. While the platform is not free, it is excellent at what it does. Just remember that in order to use this time-saving integration, you must have administrator or editor privileges for Facebook pages. Having the proper permissions before adding pages can help ensure seamless operation.

Have you tried connecting your Facebook page to the Hootsuite dashboard? What significant improvements have you seen in terms of management? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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