Instagram is testing a feature that will let you know when screenshots are being taken

Instagram is testing a feature that will tell you when you take screenshots of Stories

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The idea behind Instagram Stories is simple, if a bit surprising for people of a certain age (i.e., me). Instead of preserving your photos for posterity, the stories are only shared publicly for 24 hours, after which they disappear forever. It's like taking Snappy Snaps prints to the shredder when you get tired of them.

Instagram is testing a feature that will tell you when you take screenshots of Stories

Of course, there's nothing to prevent people from catching them on screen for posterity, if they wish. But at least you can probably convince yourself that this is some noble act, Like Max Brod believing that the work of Franz Kafka should share with the world, is usually on the more scary end of the spectrum. By taking a screenshot of the Story, you go against the wishes of the photographer - no matter how little he or she cares in practice.

While you can prevent people from taking screenshots in apps - banking apps usually do for obvious reasons - Instagram is testing a gentler way based on a nudge to keep people from being weird. It hasn't been made available to all users, but people on Twitter have begun to be warned that if they take a screenshot, the original author will be informed that they did. Aware of how humiliating it would be to creepy Casanovas around the world, Instagram warned at the first attempt.instagram_is_testing_a_feature_that_will_tell_on_you_for_screenshotting_stories

But suppose you don't have the ability to feel shame and still take screenshots. How is the photographer alerted to your behavior? Well, at the moment in a rather small way, it seems. While the warning suggests (without saying it explicitly) some kind of formal notification, it looks like you have to dig deep to find it by looking through the list of history viewers. In other words, advanced users just need to apply:

This is not entirely new. Instagram, like Snapchat, already alerts users when someone captures a direct message - probably because DMs are likely to be more, um, intimate in nature.

Still, companies like Instagram are leaving nothing to chance, and this phase of testing will likely be to see what changes affect relationship engagement. But assuming the numbers don't grow, photographers around the world will soon be able to see if you're keeping copies of the content they're trying to destroy.

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