What is GPT chat, how and what can it be used for?

What is GPT chat, how and what can it be used for?

The launch of Chat GPT is undoubtedly a milestone in the development of artificial intelligence . The tool developed by OpenAI Research Lab is far from being a true "human" intelligence, but it is a big step towards becoming its digital counterpart. Let's find out what's behind Chat GPT.

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ChatGPT is a virtual person who can provide meaningful answers to various questions and solve simple tasks. The service was launched on November 30 and immediately became a worldwide success. In the first five days alone, it had more than one million users.

The algorithm not only perfectly understands what we write to it, and in many languages (it can also do it in Polish), but also uses the "knowledge" it draws from the inexhaustible resources of the Internet. On this basis, it is able to give a comprehensible answer to virtually any question. Artificial intelligence behind the chat room has been "trained" using large amounts of conversational text, making it capable of communicating in a way that is natural to humans. The potential of this solution has opened the eyes of many non-believers to the possibilities of artificial intelligence and the revolution it brings to our lives. It is not difficult to imagine a situation in which GPT chat assists a lawyer, journalist, therapist or helps with a research paper or homework assignment.

What is the GPT Chat used for?

Since the launch of GPT-3, the neural network behind Chat has been mainly used for the following purposes: Generating content for chatbots, summarizing data, creating articles and stories, building customer service systems, and helping answer questions. However, it can do much more - it can also take on tasks such as writing software code, an academic essay, an article, a report, a Twitter post or even a poem. It can integrate with other AI services, such as Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services, to automate tasks or solve more complex problems. Its ability to understand natural language makes it particularly useful for conversational interfaces such as virtual assistants and chatbots.

Why is TPT Chat so popular? First, it's free - to use it, all you have to do is register with your email on the site. Second, the answers given by the "virtual person" are precise, factual, detailed and most often true. We get the feeling that we are talking to a real person. Just don't ask about current events. ChatGPT completed its training in 2021 and was not designed to search the Internet for new information.

How to access Chat GPT?

GPT Chat is an artificial intelligence platform that enables natural conversations with machines. It can be accessed from any web browser. It is also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

Is there anything ChatGPT can't do?

What distinguishes ChatGPT from its predecessors is the restriction of access to potentially harmful information. The model should be trained to reject inappropriate requests. For example, if you ask how best to intimidate someone online, it will refuse to answer and explain why you shouldn't do it.

He is also fooled - a few days ago his answer to the question "How to prepare a salad from a cotton T-shirt?" went viral on social media. It made sense - chop vegetables, add dressing, spices. Except that the artificial intelligence didn't know that people don't eat T-shirts. However, I suspect that ChatGPT has more of that knowledge today and wouldn't be fooled a second time in this way. Such self-development means that every day there are fewer and fewer areas in which it cannot cope.

ChatGPT is a fascinating example of the practical application of artificial intelligence. It has become a viable way to solve specific problems, clarify complex concepts or develop creative ideas. With the ability to ask additional questions, you can get to the information you are looking for much faster than if you visited several websites.

See for yourself how ChatGPT answered my question:

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